Hydro Power Generation

Hydro power is the word used to describe the energy available from falling water.

On a domestic scale, the best green field sites are high head (mountain streams). Very low head, large volume sites are more difficult to exploit, unless there is an existing mill. However any site with falling water has energy generating potential!

Larger hydro sites can be used to generate AC directly, identical to the mains. These turbines are “site specific” i.e. the turbine can not be bought off the shelf but must be built to suit the site parameters. Thanks to recent changes in the regulations these installations can be connected to the ESB Network with a minimum of ‘red tape’. WWS Ltd can supply and install a control system which complies fully with ESBN requirements.

Commercial sites (>100kW) are more complex to develop. WWS Ltd offer a complete service to guide clients through the process towards a successful conclusion

Finally, we have a range of off the shelf battery charging turbines available which will provide power from very small streams.

Why Concider Hydro

If you're looking for a piece of land to build a home and are thinking of generationg your own power from a renewable resource, a site withe falling water is the first thing to look for

For someone with a worthwhile resource, Hydropower is the most viable form of renewable energy being relatively cheap to install compared to the energy generated. A 6kW wind turbine in a prime wind site will struggle to produce as much energy in a year as a 2kW water turbine running constantly.

Hydro Controls

Hydro Generators, whether stand alone or grid connected, require a control system. In the case of Stand Alone, the controller manages the generator load in order to maintain the correct speed of rotation and hence the correct Frequency.

Grid connect controllers must firstly manage the synchronization of the generator output with the Mains for safe connection to the network. Secondly the controller must disconnect from the network if the generator output deviates, in voltage or frequency, outside strictly laid down standards. The controller must also disconnect instantly from the network and shut down the turbine in a controlled fashion if the network power disappears. During normal operation the controller automatically adjusts the flow rate through the machine to match the turbine output to the available water flow.

WWS Ltd supply complete control systems for hydro generators, either Stand Alone or Grid Connected. Our grid connect controller is type tested and certified as complying with the British G59 standard which is recognised by ESB Networks

Completed Hydro Projects to Date.

11986Killarney, Co. Kerry24 l/s42m5kWPeltonStand Alone
21996West Cork12 l/s60m4.2kWPeltonStand Alone
31998West Cork6 l/s30m4.2kWPeltonStand Alone
41999Tipperary10 l/s28m1.6kWPeltonStand Alone
52000Galway6 l/s100m4.5kWPeltonStand Alone
62002Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry145 l/s15m15kWCrossflowStand Alone
72009Co. Kerry6 l/s100m3.25kWPeltonStand Alone
82010West Cork25 l/s20m3kWCrossflowStand Alone
92010Stradbally, Co. Laois2000 l/s2.5m35kWArchimedes ScrewGrid Connect
102011Ennistymon, Co. Clare100 l/s10m5.5kWCrossflowGrid Connect